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Information for build gcc-10.0.1-0.7.fc32

Package Namegcc
SummaryVarious compilers (C, C++, Objective-C, ...)
DescriptionThe gcc package contains the GNU Compiler Collection version 10. You'll need this package in order to compile C code.
Built bydavidlt
State failed
StartedFri, 31 Jan 2020 06:55:19 PST
CompletedFri, 31 Jan 2020 23:31:09 PST
Taskbuild (f32-candidate, /rpms/gcc.git:55f9b2f3362a72cd6a65d4b4eef018cd26c401ea)
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Changelog * Thu Jan 30 2020 Jakub Jelinek <> 10.0.1-0.7 - update from trunk - PRs analyzer/93276, analyzer/93291, analyzer/93349, analyzer/93450, analyzer/93451, bootstrap/93409, c++/60503, c++/82521, c++/88092, c++/89357, c++/89640, c++/90333, c++/90338, c++/90546, c++/90731, c++/90966, c++/90992, c++/91118, c++/91754, c++/91826, c++/92440, c++/92601, c++/92948, c++/93442, c++/93443, c++/93477, driver/91220, fortran/85781, fortran/87103, fortran/92123, fortran/93025, fortran/93461, fortran/93463, fortran/93464, fortran/93473, gcov-profile/93403, libstdc++/92895, libstdc++/93325, libstdc++/93426, libstdc++/93470, libstdc++/93478, libstdc++/93479, middle-end/92323, middle-end/93437, middle-end/93505, rtl-optimization/87763, rtl-optimization/92989, rtl-optimization/93170, rtl-optimization/93272, sanitizer/93436, target/91399, target/91461, target/91824, target/92822, target/93221, target/93274, target/93418, target/93494, testsuite/71727, testsuite/91171, testsuite/93393, testsuite/93460, tree-optimization/89689, tree-optimization/92706, tree-optimization/92822, tree-optimization/93397, tree-optimization/93428, tree-optimization/93434, tree-optimization/93439, tree-optimization/93454 - LTO fix for *.localalias aliases (#1795575, PR lto/93384) - __has_include{,_next} fix (#1795633, PR preprocessor/93452) * Sun Jan 26 2020 Jakub Jelinek <> 10.0.1-0.6 - update from trunk - PRs analyzer/93367, c++/90997, c++/92852, c++/93279, c++/93299, c++/93377, c++/93400, c++/93414, inline-asm/93027, ipa/93166, target/13721, target/92269, target/93395, target/93412, target/93430, translation/90162, tree-optimization/92788 - temporarily disable broken strcmp optimization (PR tree-optimization/92765) - riscv64 tweaks from David Abdurachmanov (#1794343) * Thu Jan 23 2020 Jakub Jelinek <> 10.0.1-0.5 - update from trunk - PRs analyzer/93307, analyzer/93316, analyzer/93352, analyzer/93375, analyzer/93378, analyzer/93382, c++/40752, c++/60855, c++/90732, c++/91476, c++/92804, c++/92907, c++/93324, c++/93331, c++/93345, c/84919, c/93348, fortran/93329, ipa/93315, libstdc++/91947, rtl-optimization/93124, rtl-optimization/93402, target/91298, target/92424, target/9311, target/93119, target/93333, target/93335, target/93341, target/93346, target/93376, testsuite/93391, tree-optimization/92924, tree-optimization/93381 - fix ICE in nothrow_spec_p (#1794094, c++/93345) * Tue Jan 21 2020 Jakub Jelinek <> 10.0.1-0.4 - update from trunk - PRs c++/33799, c++/92536, debug/92763, fortran/44960, fortran/93309, lto/93318, middle-end/93194, middle-end/93242, preprocessor/80005, target/93073, target/93304, target/93319, testsuite/92829, tree-opt/93321, tree-optimization/92328, tree-optimization/93094, tree-optimization/93199 - add arm_bf16.h and arm_sve.h to arm and arm/aarch64 (#1793471) * Sat Jan 18 2020 Jakub Jelinek <> 10.0.1-0.3 - new package